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Moulton Primary School

"Pupils enjoy being at the school and they enjoy learning. The overwhelming majority of parents think that the school provides a very good standard of education" - Ofsted

"Around every corner there is a plethora of high-quality reading books in your text-rich school" - Ofsted

"Undeniably, Moulton School is a happy, vibrant and exciting place to learn. Pupils behaviour is excellent because they are encouraged to achieve. Work done to ensure that the pupils are tolerant and respectful of one another is striking" - Ofsted

"Pupils say that the pupils in this school are perfect, no matter who they are. Pupils are adamant that bullying will never be tolerated. The school is undoubtedly harmonious" - Ofsted

"A strong culture of rewards plays an important part in promoting excellent attitudes to learning" - Ofsted

Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School


The approved school uniform for Moulton School can be found here.

School uniform is not available to buy at the school office.  We have two online providers - School Trends and Tesco.

Click on following the links :

Simply go to the website address, then select ‘Find My School’ and follow the order instructions. You can either pay online or if you prefer, you can order online and send a cheque to School Trends at the address shown on the order form.

Alternatively, if you do not have access to the internet you can collect an order form from school and order by post.

There are no minimum order quantities and your uniform will be delivered directly to your chosen address.  Please do not be tempted to purchase items from the ‘plain’ range of buttons on the left hand side of the screen as these are NOT part of our approved school uniform!  

Other ordering information including sizes, delivery information and the returns procedure is also available online.

 We hope you will find using this new service an improvement in our school uniform supply.

(Please note that there is a stall on Northwich Market that sells cheaper versions of our labelled uniform items.  We do not get any commission from this seller but school have no issue with any parent purchasing their uniform from them)